Do you want instant hair volume? Try the new 24 Hour Volume spray

As a professional stylist one, of the more frequently asked questions from clients is "how do I achieve instant hair volume?"

Whether out for a big night, on the school run, or simply looking good for work, most of my clients struggle to achieve the same hair feeling that left the salon, swooshing around feeling amazing.

So what is the secret to achieving that instant hair volume that your stylist appears to magic up every visit, yet seems to allude you for the following 6 weeks? Well the good news is there are a few tips that you can follow that will greatly increase your chances of success.

I have shared these tips with my clients over the years and had great feedback every time. First and most importantly, if you're using a creamy shampoo that is made for dry hair, or contains any conditioners, ditch it and go for a simple cleansing shampoo, the more gentle the better. I recommend looking for a gentle clear shampoo. Secondly, and equally as important, you should find a really light detangling conditioner and apply only to the ends of hair to detangle and hydrate.

The quickest way to discourage instant hair volume is by drowning it with conditioner, you'll end up with over softened and impossible to control bad hair days.

Once you have throughly rinsed the conditioner from the ends of your hair and detangled, towel dry hair to remove excess water and apply 24 Hour Volume to the roots where you require volume. I personally follow this with an even application of 24 Hour Styler to control the hair whilst I'm drying. A good tip here is to make sure you take time to apply products evenly as this makes a huge difference to your styling result. I always say to my clients "a product will only work where it is applied", so use a wet brush or wide toothed comb to brush hair through, distributing product evenly before you start drying.

Now you have prepped your hair correctly, rough dry hair upside down using your finger tips and heat of hairdryer to dry hair 80-90%, then throw hair back and finish with brush to smooth or hot brush if easier to manage.

If you wish to achieve instant hair volume the next day (or anytime) on dry hair, apply 24 Hour Volume onto the roots and heat with dryer and fingertips as above to give some real oomph.

Happy styling followers, and if you have any questions, just ask your Secret Stylist...

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