24 Hour Styling For Men - Next Day Hair For Him

One of the biggest challenges for hair stylists is educating clients on how to follow a haircare regime at home, to get the same finished look that was achieved in the salon.

When it comes to male hair grooming there are a couple of regime changes that will instantly get results. Preparation is the most important factor, most of us know our favourite finishing product from matte clays to pomades depending on the desired finished look, but overlooking the part running up to using the finishing product is quite often wrong or even totally missing for some men.

Let's take it from the shower, having a healthy scalp is really important, and I would recommend finding a shampoo that simply cleanses your hair and scalp, leaving it squeaky clean. You can test this by running your finger tips through the top of your wet hair. Now hair is clean, condition if required. You should use a protein rich conditioner as this will keep your hair strong and less fluffy.

Now for the step that is usually forgotten. Gently towel dry the hair and apply a pre-texturising product like 24 Hour Styler, apply 2-3 pumps distributing evenly before drying off with hairdryer. This will give you instant next day hair feel, and it eliminates the soft fluffiness that comes with freshly washed hair. The product gives a solid yet pliable platform for your favourite styling product.

The other huge benefit of prepping with 24 Hour Styler is you will require much less finishing product to achieve your desired look, it's quite often using too much clay or pomade style products that ruin our attempts at great looking hair.

If you're after a more dry looking finish, then we recommend trying 24 Hour Volume spray, which you can also use on dry hair, this will also help if you suffer from oily scalp as it gives an instant dry shampoo effect.

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