How to tame frizzy hair with hair smoothing products

One question that often comes up in hairdressing is how do I tame frizzy hair? 

The main causes of frizz are humidity and damp. Moisture in the air seems to love frizzing any hair that is prone, there is nothing worse than spending all that time making your hair look great, just for the dreaded damp to ruin all that hard work.

Whilst there is nothing that can completely stop that frizz, you can limit the effect quite significantly by using the correct products throughout your regime. I often talk about over softening hair with shampoo, because this is where many of my clients go wrong.

If you want to tame frizzy hair, then you need to make sure you don't over soften it with shampoo. My advice would be to look for a protein based shampoo, or go for a gentle clarifying shampoo to clean, then finish with a protein conditioner or treatment. If you have very dry hair then use both as a 3 step regime.

Once your hair is clean and conditioned, you need to apply a styling product that will help smooth the hair without making it look greasy, over-using creams and serums at this stage will make your hair look slightly greasy, so I opt for 24 hour Styler. The gel base is infused with proteins and moisturisers, so whilst it smoothes the hair it doesn't overload it, keeping a controlled weightless effect, helping to tame frizzy hair.

Smoothing is a word often associated with sleek straight hair, but curly hair should be smooth and frizz free too in order to look amazing. It's worth noting that you can mix 24 Hour Styler with a serum or oil if your hair is particularly dry or very thick. This combination can work very well. Think of the 24 Hour Styler as the carrier, and you're adding some oil to it. I generally do a mix of 4-5 parts styler to 1 part oil, and mix in palm of the hands before applying evenly from roots to ends of wet hair. Always use hands or a wide toothed comb, as you want the hair to stay separated, especially if diffusing or air drying naturally.

Once your hair is dry you can apply some oil or serum very sparingly in places that are more prone to frizz, like the hairline and the top layer. Finishing the look and protecting all this work from the damp or humidity can be helped by finishing products like gloss sprays or hairsprays that have strong polymers. These will act as a barrier, but don't over spray, and always use at arms length.

Trying to tame frizzy hair is an art form in itself, but if you follow these simple steps and get the right product prescription, starting with the 24 Hour Styler, you will notice a huge difference in results.

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