Frustration typically leads to a very basic question, ”What if...?”, a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. It usually crops up when a problem is encountered, the chin rubbing begins, and the pursuit for a remedy commences.


As a busy stylist, I’ve used many professional brands, but what consistently exasperated me (and probably you, as well) was that none could offer a simple solution to the perfect blow dry, without having to crowd a shelf with products to achieve it.

What if multiple products weren't needed? What if it were possible to do the same with one or, at most, two?


A product range was needed to solve this problem…

Our clients often told us that their hair was much easier to control and style the day after they washed it. So we made it our mission to replicate that 'next day hair' feeling. We needed to eliminate the feeling of overly soft, static and flyaway hair that is often associated with freshly washed hair. We needed to find a solution that was easy to apply and manageable at home, which wasn't too heavy or sticky. We couldn’t find a single product that could do all of this, so we decided to make our own…


Looking to answer these questions, my quest towards a simplified alternative began. (Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into nor that it would become an obsession. My wife would unhesitatingly wish it hadn’t.)

I obviously knew I couldn’t get this done alone. As the development process unfolded, the unflinchingly frank opinions from my clients and team of stylists proved to be worth their weight in gold. The seemingly endless fine-tuning of the formulae by an incredibly talented cosmetic chemist also pushed the effort forward, not to mention healthy doses of patience and persistence. The result? A Stylist’s Secret.


I am delighted to say the feedback we’ve received about the fruits of our labours, A Stylist’s Secret, has been satisfyingly and overwhelmingly positive.

So if you, like many others, have been thirsting for a fuss-free solution to a thicker, fuller blow dry, I would humbly suggest looking no further than A Stylist’s Secret.
I am extremely proud of what we’ve created. I truly am. And I have the fullest professional confidence you will not be disappointed with the results.


The 24 Hour range provides a salon-quality finish at home. Up until now, our products have been a stylist's secret, creating a professional touch to hair styles.

Now available directly to you, the 24 Hour Hair range will control your hair, making blowdrying and styling easier, but without the weighted or sticky feeling of many mass-produced products.

We all know that hair is more controllable and easier to style the day after washing. Our Next Day Hair technology gives you that next day hair control, today.

The 24 Hour product range will always stay true to its heritage of finding solutions that make managing and styling your hair at home much easier.

We're proud of our Great British roots. We design, manufacture and distribute all of our products from the North East of England in the United Kingdom.


Our unique formula has been developed in the salon by real stylists, using decades of experience and expert know-how. Tried, tested and refined on all hair types and styles, our recipe is a closely guarded secret.

The 24 Hour Hair product range lets you blow-dry in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that your hair will behave.

Click here to view 24 hour styler in action and see what others including industry professionals are saying about this truly unique product.


The 24 Hour Hair product range is suitable for all hair types, including frizzy, thick, curly, wavy and kinky. The specially formulated ingredients are not only kind to your hair, but also give you more control.

This allows for much easier  styling and makes unruly hair much more manageable.

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