Recreating Next Day Hair with 24 Hour Styler

Get the confidence to know the effort you take to blow dry will deliver much better results every time with the 24 Hour Styler from A Stylist's Secret.

One of the biggest challenges you face is the ability to recreate the finished look achieved by your stylist at the salon. But don't fear! There are some simple steps that can make a huge difference to how your hair will look at home.

Whilst travelling the world training stylists, I have been confronted by the most challenging hair types from thick and unruly, to fine, limp and dry, as well as extensions that look like a rain forest, and hair so damaged it has no right to still be hanging on! There's nothing quite like the smug look on a salon owners face than when they role out a model and say "there you, go sort that out then", I could sure tell a story or two, but let's get to the point.

I believe next day hair is something that everyone should understand and relate to; this is when your hair is much easier to style and control the day after its washed.

Many of my clients experience this phenomena, and it's really easy to replicate by following a few simple steps. Generally speaking, your hair is less controllable when you first wash it is because it's too soft, you have probably unwittingly washed it in a shampoo that is loaded with conditioners which feels lovely in the shower, but makes your hair flat, fly away and a nightmare to style.

So the first thing is to find a healthy cleansing shampoo that will help give you next day hair, today, when you really need it to look good. Next on the list is conditioner. Unless you live in the desert with no air con then the likelihood of your hair needing conditioner on the first inch of your roots is rare. Even if you have bleached roots, you can treat this with light protein treatments, so keep the conditioners away from your root area, and in most cases conditioners should only be used on the lower part and ends of hair to detangle and add movement.

So now you have changed the shower part of your regime, you need to find a styling product that will give you that next day hair feeling, today. Believe me, I have tried hundreds over my career, and the majority have never worked for one reason or another, usually because they are sticky, which I can't stand when I dry hair, I want that next day hair control, but still get that soft and weightless feeling.

This is why we developed the 24 Hour Styler, it gives you weightless control that lasts, it's also heat reactive for next day styling which. I also recommend 24 Hour  Volume which works exceptionally well on dry hair to give a quick volume boost.

Now some of you reading this article will be thinking "why would I want next day hair? My hair looks a mess in the morning!" You will be thinking you want same day hair because you've spent all that time controlling and taming it now, and tomorrow it's frizzy, oily or uncontrollable again. This means you no doubt have thick unruly, curly or oily hair and it's a challenge, you want your hair to look the same next day as it does now today. Fear not! Try 24 Hour Styler for the weightless control that you need and I guarantee it will still look better tomorrow because of its non stick formula.

For my clients with oily roots, I spray 24 Hour Volume on the roots in the then rough dry in with hands and heat of dryer to revive the hair, and get that next day hair.

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